­15th urban dance battle "TEAMKA 2018"
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Yolka vo blago 2018 

Yesterday we managed to EVERYTHING in the Yolka! 

Possible and impossible Have written juicy lemons oil on the master class!We held competitions among basketball teams Odintsovo. 

The first contest on an extreme scooter! Well, sooo bright and emotional battles for street dances.And most importantly, we all received a huge number of positive emotions and gave them to other people! Thanks to each of YOU, we collected money for the charitable foundation "Vera", which will go to the aid of hospices. Dance Studios Timpark and Dvision :)

 Thank you Dodo pizza Odintsovo for their most delicious pizza and prizes to the winners :) 

And O'Kart's carting is also for prizes, from which the guys will definitely get an unforgettable experience.And also thank Hellride for rigging steep prizes for the winners of the extreme scooter tournament. Thank you very much everyone who was yesterday, you all did a great job! 

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