­15th urban dance battle "TEAMKA 2018"
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13 october 2017 

We keep the mood and in anticipation of the "Teamka 2017". Probably from the outside it seems that the organization of the festival is a routine affair, nothing complicated.Every year 📅 the whole team of TEAMKA takes responsibility and rolls up the sleeves. 

And already now doing the 14th Teamka, we are thinking about the next anniversary 🎉 15th Festival of Teamka 2018, We are preparing a breakthrough⚡ in order to approach it with a full clip of innovations. We can not stay on the same level and want to convey to you your vision of the organization and the dance Hip Hop culture. We are open to your people and suggestions, open to new people in the team. Because we know that in the dance environment there is a huge number of talented and strong people!Your support is important to us! 🤝 Hip Hop was not created by one person! It was developed and distributed throughout the world by the COMMUNITY! And this is his strength, in UNITY! 👉 If you want to touch something BIG, if you want to create HISTORY - join in ⚡TEAMKA 2017⚡ We are happy to accept NEW people in the team!

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